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Replacing Me

One of the odd things about weight loss is how the world responds to you. Those that knew me at 425lbs are always shocked when they see me today. Also, people who know me now and then discover how much I used to weigh are equally shocked. I’ve written about this before, the feeling like […]

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Rethinking Cake

Today is my Dad’s 77th Birthday so I thought I’d take this opportunity – since this is a blog about weight loss and food – to discuss these automatic feelings that surface when you face celebrations as a person trying to lose or maintain weight. The first thing most people think about when they hear […]

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The Ghost of Resolutions Past

January is the place of our dreams. New year, fresh starts. Turning of a new page. We’ve talked about this before. Our ambition is high in January.  Now, let’s look ahead to January 2018. We’re back in the most ambitious part of the year! What was your commitment in 2017? Did you ever start that […]

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Success in Failure

Failure. Not anyone’s favorite topic. However, taking a different perspective allows one to see the beauty that can only come from failure. It took Edison one thousand tries to make the lightbulb. Some would be dismayed but he took the position that he discovered 999 ways to not make a lightbulb! I’ve failed at losing […]

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Pow! Statement 2 – Comparison

VIDEO TRANSCRIPT – Hello everyone, welcome back to Navigating Weight Loss my name is Regina. Today we’re going to do our second Pow! Statement. Pow stands for Pearl of Wisdom these tiny statements that seem very simple but end up having an big emotional punch. Now, I had heard this Pow! Statement a couple of […]

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Membership Revoked!

Habits are funny things. Who knows when they begin but next thing you know they own you. A lot of our most perilous perilous habits started in childhood and many of those from the best of intentions. The childhood habit I have that still has a hold on me is the Clean Plate Club. Of […]

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