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  1. Regina, I am so impressed with your wonderful ease in articulating the steps that you’ve used to bring you to your healthy weight. I will be passing it along to friends and family, maybe even clients! Plus, I will use your 5 steps in my own journey toward better eating and better health. Thank you!

    • Thank you so much! It’s terrifying to put myself way out there but it’s been such a benefit to me to share what I’ve learned (and learned from massive failures). I’m putting together some printables too that will hopefully make things easier for people as well. Your encouragement is very much appreciated!

      • Thanks! I just forwarded the link to this post to our fellow WordPresser Weighty Wonder at weightywonder.wordpress.com. I know your story will inspire her!

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    Seldom have I been so impressed with a blogger as I am with Regina Bartlett. She tells her story of having weight-loss surgery, and the more important part of her process, learning to maximize her results through self-advocacy, changing her relationship with food and much more. She’s a natural public speaker! See for yourself.

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