More Than The Scale

I did something today that surprised me and made think of success. Jeff and I are taking a last minute trip to Virginia. We stopped in the rest area to grab a coffee and switch driving. He ran inside and it was my turn to drive. I hopped over from the passenger seat to the driver’s seat. 

I hopped over from the passenger’s seat to the driver’s  seat. 

Two years ago I was driving a Kia van. Even with the seat all the way to the back my stomach still touched the steering wheel. On longer drives it would be irritating. I’m still amazed at how far away I am from the wheel now. I never dreamed of moving seats inside the car. 

As my husband slept I started thinking of all the other ways to measure weight loss success that are not dependent on whatever the scale says. Here are some I thought of today:

When I tie my shoes the knot is in the center. It used to always be on the side. I can also bend down to tie them! 

I can maneuver through stores with close closing racks without freaking out. I’m looking at you, Walmart! 

I can fit in movie theater chairs and restaurant booths but truth be told I still tug on a chair before I sit down to see how sturdy it is. I’ll probably do that forever. 
When people hug me they can reach all the way around. My husband can now grab his elbows when before he could almost touch his fingertips… almost. 

I experience a sense of fullness when I eat. Before I could eat an incredible amount of food and never feel satisfied. I’ve eaten an entire loaf of bread with butter taken a deep breath and went right back in. Experiencing satiety is a gift. 

There are many more. Sometimes we get so focused on what the scale says that we miss the little things that really mean a lot. The height weight chart and BMI are certainly indicators but they only tell part of a story. These Non Scale Victories tell so much more and you take you farther on you road to wellness and healing.

No matter where you are with your goals or what weight you feel you have left to lose think of those things that you couldn’t do before and celebrate them. They’ll mean so much more than numbers on a scale ever could! 

Do you have a Non Scale Victory?