Since March it seems like everywhere I looked there was a ton of posts referencing Summer Bodies.  This often posted phenomenon makes sure that immediately following the failure of your New Year’s Resolution of healthy living,  you can start feeling the pressure of having a Summer Body. 

The focus in March is Summer Bodies are made in Winter! 

April switches to It’s Looking Better Outside So Should You! 

May it changes from kind reminders of this looming obligation to threats Don’t Miss Out It’s Your Last Chance To Have a Summer Body! 

By June you have just seconds to claim this elusive body and there’s no slogan, no pitch because there’s no need to because everyone knows you lost and so do you. 

Cue July and it’s all jokes: My Summer Body Has Been Cancelled. 

This is all so destructive. The pressure to achieve and maintain these heavily photoshopped images in real life is overwhelming. Let me share some truths:

  • Healthy Bodies are made year round! 
  • To have a Summer Body you need ONLY to have a body in Summer!
  • Anytime of year is the right time to take a pause, evaluate where you are, and choose to make healthy living a part of your life. 

Losing weight is hard enough without stress, and social expectations, coupled with shame, guilt or fear! Love yourself and show that love in the way you care for yourself and you can let that heathy body shine all year long. 

Enjoy Summer in the body you have! 


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