I read something the other day that I absolutely loved.  Absolutely! People often think that after […]
I read a post on a Bariatric forum about a nurse who was caring for a […]
I think everyone has a soul place. A place on earth where you find solace, peace, […]
Today I participated in a Cook Off that had an appetizer category. I wanted to make […]
As a woman experiencing weight loss and weight related issues I write from my point of […]
People ask me questions all the time about my weight loss and I welcome it. One […]
What I know about karate is directly from Mr. Miyagi’s sage advice in The Karate Kid! […]
Sometimes the hardest thing to do is to start especially when it comes to changing your […]
Envy. Such a bitter place to be yet I spent a ton of time there. I’d […]
I knew when I decided to publicly share my weight loss struggles and surgery with the […]