Last weekend we sang a new worship song, Burn The Ships by the duo For King […]
When I look back on my life I see themes based on how I was feeling […]
I’m definitely a perfectionist. I like things done. Right. The first time. I like doing things […]
FLASHBACK: This was originally posted on my Facebook page on November 14, 2016. For reference, this […]
Have you ever heard a quote that instantly made you pause? Something that strikes right into […]
This is a Flashback Blog Post! Originally written on October 13, 2009, when Jeff and I […]
There is no doubt in my mind that God provides divine appointments. What some will consider […]
FLASHBACK POST: I’ve blogged for over 15 years on various platforms. I’ll be moving some of […]
If there’s one thing that’s universal it’s struggle. We all struggle with something. Do you struggle […]
It’s January and Food, Sweat, & Fears  is finalizing production and getting ready to be shipped. […]