Me, My Fat & I is a new book by Regina Bartlett author of Food, Sweat, & Fears coming in Summer 2019. 

As we grow, we develop personalities and cultural traits from our families and society. Over time, we couple these with our experiences – both positive and negative – that will impact who we are and who we believe we are. We develop an identity.

What if your identity is a lie? What if you really aren’t what you believe you are? What if you were able to shed these cultural and social “costumes” and embrace who you really are?

Are you able to look at the heart of your core identity?

Can you succes

sfully tune out the cultural and societal constructs you believe?

Can you divorce the negative concepts that have bogged you down, lessened your self-esteem, or kept you stuck?

Ultimately, can you see yourself – and your true identity – as Christ sees you?

After fighting with my body – and what I believed about my body – for thirty years I came to a realization that shocked me. My constant and negative battle with every flaw changed my perception of who I am. Even after turned my life over to Jesus, I still had these firm beliefs about myself that were filled with negativity and hatred. I found myself easily extending grace to strangers but couldn’t extend it to myself.

Me, My Fat, & I will explore the lies we so readily believe about ourselves and how we can turn the tables on negative self-talk and see the power in what we once perceived as flaws.

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