VIDEO TRANSCRIPT – Hello everyone, welcome back to Navigating Weight Loss my name is Regina. Today we’re going to do our second Pow! Statement. Pow stands for Pearl of Wisdom these tiny statements that seem very simple but end up having an big emotional punch. Now, I had heard this Pow! Statement a couple of years ago but it was freshly reintroduced to me just a couple of days ago when my friend Kat who runs the Fit, Fabulous, and Fierce Group on Facebook, she has a ton of tips and information. She’s embarked on an incredible weight loss journey over the past couple of years and has blogged it all and it has been a source of unbelievable inspiration. And she’s got quite a supportive and loving group of people over there so I frequently check out her work.She posted this the other day and it just took my breath away all over again.

Comparison is the thief of joy.

Hmm… yes, it is. And I started thinking of how many times especially in my weight loss was I comparing my weight to somebody else’s. Or comparing what could happen to what actually happened. One of the things that I’ve talked about before is how I had done this medically managed weight loss program before I had gastric bypass surgery and it said you could lose up to 100lbs in 6 months. And at the end of 6 months I lost 75lbs and I walked away from that program feeling like a failure and I ended up gaining all the weight back and I couldn’t believe it. I couldn’t see the 75lbs that I lost. I was too busy concentrating on the fact that I didn’t reach the you could. And because I didn’t all was for naught and I just stepped away, old behaviors came right back in and there I was. Unbelievable.

But it’s not only in that way that we compare ourselves to other people. I still go to support group meetings for gastric bypass and I’ll probably go for the rest of my life. I find them to be very helpful and I really love that the medical center where I had my surgery has a phenomenal aftercare program and if you’re looking into surgery we’re going to talk about the importance of aftercare in another video. So, I couldn’t wait to go my first post op only group. I was really excited about it actually. And I go in and I just dropped my first 100lbs I was 4 months out and I was ready and raring to go. So I sit down and we go around the table and we say our name, the type of procedure we had and how we’re doing. It’s just an introduction. And so I said my name, where I was from, what procedure I had and how much weight I lost. And the woman next to me her face fell. She had surgery 2 months prior to mine but she had only lost 40lbs it kind of killed her vibe. My 100lbs killed her vibe.

Everybody’s weight is different, everybody’s weight loss is different. Everybody’s procedure is going to be unique to them. Even if everybody in a room had gastric bypass surgery we’re not going to get the same result. We have to learn how to celebrate our own results and not wonder or worry about what is happening across the street. And not compare what we’re doing on a success or failure mark with other people. Comparison is the thief of joy. I choose to stay joyful and I’m not going to judge how I’m doing to anyone else. This is what I’m doing and it obviously works for me. Thank you so much. There’s more to come. Bye bye!



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