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Being Ken or The Truth About Men

As a woman experiencing weight loss and weight related issues I write from my point of view. A couple of weeks ago I sat on a panel at the hospital where I had my surgery. There were several of us there representing different stages of post op and the people interested in surgery had the […]

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Just Go In Quietly

Sometimes you just have to laugh at yourself. I’ve had a gym membership for most of my life. I really believe that I thought if I paid my $29 per month that should get me some pounds off. I did put forth some effort by writing a check!  Flash forward to a couple of years […]

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Was I Even There?

Being seriously overweight for so long I learned the art of pictures. 1. Take the pictures! The best way to avoid being IN the pictures is to be the photographer.  2. Stand in the back! Always opt for the group picture and try to get as many “body shielders” as possible. You can always find […]

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