I started to write a blog the other day about my sinus surgery. It really wasn’t […]
I first walked into East Coast Karate two years ago on a whim when a friend […]
I had an opportunity today that was different than any other I’ve had in the past. […]
Here’s a quick recipe I threw together tonight in a rush. I was pleasantly surprised by […]
I’ve seen a lot of posts lately from people overwhelmed by their health goals. I totally […]
This is a Flashback post that was originally written on January 18, 2007, on MySpace…yes, MySpace.  […]
Sometimes there’s something powerful when you see your behavior for what it really is and deciding […]
For most of my life I was overweight. Actually, I spent a significant portion of that […]
I used to work with a woman who was a brilliant seamstress. She would whip up […]
Yesterday, I had the opportunity to share my story about my weight and subsequent weight loss. […]