Losing weight has been an adventure to say the least. Sometimes it’s hard to remember that I’m not the same size I’d been the past 30 years. Losing weight rather quickly also doesn’t allow for you to get too comfortable in a certain size or place because before you know it you’ve changed.

I’ve been known to wear my clothes for far too long just trying to wait until I was in a more stable place before paying any real money for clothing. One day at work while I was thankfully by myself I started walking and my pants hit the floor. Hit. The. Floor. I was stunned and it took me a second to react. I had to concede that it was time to get smaller pants.

Now that I’m entering into more of a maintenance portion of my health I’ve been shopping and it seems like my brain and my feet still think I’m over 400 lbs. I walk in a store and like always I go directly to the Plus Size or Woman’s section. I swear when I needed a 5x there was never a single thing available but now that I don’t need a 5x they are everywhere (but that’s another blog)!

I was at an outlet this past weekend and I was in Talbots.  I have a pair of their size 26 pants that I haven’t given away yet because I swear I’m going to tailor them one day. So I was looking in the non-plus sized section and the sales lady asks me if I need any help. I told her I was fine and just looking. She said: “Missy tops are also on sale around the corner.” I calmly said thank you and proceeded to SCREAM INSIDE.

Missy tops? Are you kidding? Missy tops? MISSY TOPS? Why am I stunned? She looked at me and assumed that I would fit a Missy (aka Misses, aka Junior, aka “normal”) size top. I never thought that would ever happen to me. I still don’t feel very Missy and that’s partly because I was heavy for so long and partly because I’m into my 40s and Missy sounds a bit crazy to call people my age. I was so thrilled I couldn’t even concentrate on shopping anymore.

For people who have never had an issue with weight let me share with you some other Missy Tops Moments:

  • Putting on a size 18 necklace and it fits without choking me
  • Not having to stop in the middle of the flight of stairs to catch my breath, yes one flight and I had to pause at stair 5
  • My stomach clearing the steering wheel in my car even when my seat isn’t all the way pushed back
  • Noticing how small your shadow looks
  • Not fearing booths
  • Not fearing chairs
  • Not fearing a hideous tagged photo on Facebook
  • Shopping anywhere

There are so many more. Have you had a Missy Tops Moment? Feel free to share in the comments!



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  1. I just had a missy top moment! After losing 20lbs in the last month and a half, I saw myself in pictures that not only I took but (gasp) others took and I loved the way I looked! This is huge for me! Thank you for being such an inspiration!!!!!!!

  2. I love that phrase, “Missy Top Moment”! I had one about a month ago when I went shopping at Goodwill. Naturally, I scoured the racks for the largest pair of plus sized jeans that I could find, but my stepmom was like, you don’t need pants that big. So I tentatively grabbed a pair of size 18 jeans, and a couple of size 20s and 22s, just to make sure. I had been a 26/28, sometimes 30 at some places. Then I went into the changing room, put the pants on one leg at a time, and then….zip! The size 18s fit! Wow! I still can’t believe it. Thank you for sharing your “Missy Top Moment”, and helping me to realize my own victory.

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