I’ve been waking up around one in the morning the past few nights. I wake up and can’t immediately fall back to sleep. I’ll be up for a couple hours, fall back asleep and wake up again still long before my scheduled time. Since I don’t go to bed much before 11pm, this has been a frustrating challenge. 

It happened again this morning but I handled it differently. Normally, i get all upset that I’m awake again and getting worried that I’ll sleep through my alarm. This time I decided to look over the patterns of my life these past few weeks to wonder why this is happening. I was surprised by the results. 

Since I finished the marathon in November my running regimen has been much lighter. I took a month off from running but I didn’t go back to full scale training. Seems like one issue is that my body is yearning to run. I’ve been working out consistently but running is as much therapeutic and it is cardio!

The next thing I noticed was that since going back to work, starting my jewelry business, and starting karate along with my other many responsibilities to my church and my family I haven’t been as scheduled with my time or as diligent with my food portions or hydration. I used to write down everything I ate and drank. I’ve scaled back on that and I feel it. 

Once I listened to my body and assessed what was happening I fell right back to sleep and slept soundly. I needed to get my center and focus back.

Today, I’m going to be sure I stay hydrated, get enough protein and run for at least 30 minutes. I’m going back to journaling and taking my new schedule of responsibilities and fitting my physical needs so my body can function best. 

I’m listening. 

Quote: Nayyirah Waheed | Photo: Pinterest


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