I love the R.S. Grey quote from the book Scoring Wilder:

She believed she could, so she did. 

Despite the book’s controversial content, the quote has taken on a life of its own inspiring women everywhere. 

After the past few years with weight loss surgery, losing a lot of weight, trying new and adventurous things like flying trapeze, and culminating in finishing the NYC Marathon People often share this quote with me and I love it. But there’s an element to that statement that isn’t true at all. 

I never believed I could do it. I tried and tried and tried to lose weight. Thirty years of being obsessed over my weight with countless attempts and ultimate failures. I was actually the last person on Earth who thought I could! 

In my video on how I lost 250lbs I spoke about the importance of faith in my weight loss. As a Christian, it was easy for me to turn so many things over to God but my weight and food issues I held in a tightly closed fist that I wouldn’t let God enter. After a setback in my process for weight loss surgery, I heard Him loud and clear: 

Try again, Regina, this time with Me. 

In that moment I felt something switch. It all seemed to click into place. I opened my hands from that fist and relaxed into Him. I gave my weight, my issues with food, my shame, and my fear of failing again to Him. 

What happened next was like driving down a road with a ton of red lights and just like the movie Bruce Almighty they all just turn green and stay green. I was able to take on whatever came my way because it wasn’t me at the helm anymore! 

This week in church our pastor spoke of Philippians 4:13

That is the ultimate truth. God provides the strength! I may have the WILL but the POWER is His. 

It took many years before I truly embraced the power and the promises of God. There are many more mysteries of Him that I’ll probably never unravel. What I do know for a fact is that my life has been infinitely better since I opened my heart and accepted Him,  breathed in grace, and exhaled praise. 

The quote should really be: 

Jesus believed she could, so she did! 


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  1. I have found that putting my faith in God has helped me through so many things. Once you replace your fear with faith, it sets your mind at ease because you know God has your back. Great post!

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