There’s been a lot of interest in the Back on Track 30 Day Re-Focus for June. […]
I sat on a panel of entrepreneurs of my high school alma mater a couple of weeks ago as part of their career day. It was nice to be there and see how the school has changed and progressed in the past (nearly) 30 years. The panelists were all running different businesses from a social impact retail store and luxury handbags to a local performance and coffee shop and a brand new distillery. Everyone had something incredible to bring to the table. When I speak with students it's almost like I can see the pressure emanating from their pores! The pressure to do well academically, athletically, socially, and everything in between! We had pressures too but what we didn't have in the late 80s was information coming at us from every corner of the world nestled in the palm our hands! Look like this! Act like that! This will make you feel better!
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