Last weekend we sang a new worship song, Burn The Ships by the duo For King […]
I read a post on a bariatric group a few weeks ago that just stayed with […]
Yesterday, I had the opportunity to have a booth selling and signing my books at the […]
There is no doubt in my mind that God provides divine appointments. What some will consider […]
Many people say the same thing when they see my wedding pictures: Wow! He really loves […]
Sometimes there’s something powerful when you see your behavior for what it really is and deciding […]
Remember the old joke about a man lost in New York City? He asks a New […]
There are certain species of fish that are rumored to grow as large as their environment […]
I’ve blogged for over a decade on various platforms so sharing parts of my life or […]
I came across an article on the internet listing 12 things that would surprise Americans about […]