January. New Year, New You! Join a gym, eat healthy, go to bed earlier, make big plans. Oh, the hope we have in January. Sadly, by Valentine’s Day the gyms are empty, your ambition is worn down, and your habits have returned. 

This is the Resolution Confusion. We want so much but only give ourselves a couple of weeks (hours or weeks for some) to make all of these changes. We tend to forget the question of how to eat an elephant… one bite at a time. 

When I was over 400lbs I so desperately wanted to change. I also wanted to undo 30 years of food issues in moments. Wake up and be skinny! Then I was instantly disillusioned when I would go to bed every night and wake up with my problems the next morning. Until this continuous disappointment with this completely unrealistic thinking made me stop working toward my goal altogether. 

End the confusion! Make a goal and then break it down. If you’re like me and the numbers on the scale take a toll on you emotionally then make your goals NSVs or Non Scale Victories. For example: I’ll do a plank every day with a goal of holding for 20 seconds. When you hit that goal celebrate and set a new time goal. In no time you’ll see improvement with hopefully less anxiety. 

Celebrate your successes but be sure to not celebrate with food. Working out to eat cupcakes is counter productive especially if you have a food addiction or disordered eating. When you hit a goal do something you enjoy that is not food related. Here are some suggestions:

  • Get a manicure and splurge on a treatment you wouldn’t normally get. 
  • Get that new article of clothing you’ve had your eye on for a while. 
  • Take a fitness or cooking class that you’ve been interested in.

There are many ways to get through the year with your resolutions intact and showing progress. End the confusion, make measured steps, reward yourself outside of food, and get to where you want to be! You can do it! 


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Thank you! 



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