I think everyone has a soul place. A place on earth where you find solace, peace, beauty, love. 

My soul place is the Charlestown Breachway. The Breachway is a man made permanent breach that replaced the natural breach between the Atlantic Ocean and Ninigret Pond in Charlestown, Rhode Island. The natural breach between the bodies of water was filled in by tides and threatened the ability to shellfish in the region. Read more about it here. 

Growing up in Charlestown, this area was only a few short miles away. Going away to college in Pittsburgh was a definite change in scenery. Pittsburgh is a beautiful city but I never realized how important the ocean was to me until I left it. Meeting people who never saw the ocean was just craziness. As crazy as a person who lives in LA feels about a person never seeing a palm tree. I took the beauty of the ocean for granted. 

When I returned home I started to make regular trips to the Breachway. It’s always been a place to breathe, think, and pray. Moving down the street from here 4 years ago has been a tremendous joy.  After weight loss surgery walking became a huge part of my life. Walking to the Breachway at dawn became a love for me. 

I just wanted to take a moment and share my soul place with all you. Although beautiful all year long, there’s a specific beauty that only happens in winter here. Freshly fallen snow, salt air, and pure beauty. 

Where is your soul place?


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