I read something the other day that I absolutely loved. 

Absolutely! People often think that after weight loss surgery our restricted diets are a problem. Limiting sugar, fat, and carbs can seem pretty daunting as is eliminating junk food and fast foods from your diet. I know I didn’t think I could do it at first! 

Over time things change. Your perspective shifts and so do your priorities. Now, what seems restrictive to some is just life to me. It isn’t a diet as much as it’s simply a typical day in my world. It becomes second nature almost like it was always there. You can develop a new instinct

There is life after cake, there is joy in zucchini, and a simple perspective shift can make a huge difference in your long term success. Strive to make your “can’t haves” into your “don’t wants.” Stay focused and I swear it will happen! 


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