June 2, 2017. Many people woke with a pep in their step and a joy in their heart. Why? National Donut Day! 

June 2, 2017. Many others woke up with a pit in their stomach and anxiety rattling them to the core. Why? National Donut Day. Dunkin Donuts was giving a FREE donut for every beverage posted! 

These national days of food can be great and fun but for people who have had weight loss surgery or are just trying to improve their eating habits, these days can be hard. One of my friends recently had RNY Gastric Bypass surgery and posted this on Facebook on NDD:

“It’s National Donut Day. Just kill me now.”

Food is already everywhere but when every step you take and every post you see and every person you know has a donut it can be overwhelming. It’s hard to understand the magnitude of this until you actually have to focus on exactly what you’re eating and how much you’re eating particularly when everyone around you is like this:

Then you’ll hear these statements:

You can have one donut right?

What’s the big deal, one won’t kill you!

Come on! One bite! Be a sport!

I can’t believe you aren’t eating one!

I could never live without donuts.

Wait! No donuts forever???

Some people can have one donut. God bless them! I can only speak for myself when I tell you that I eclipsed 425lbs because I was not one of those people. Some people can make exceptions. Some people can even have cheat meals! It can work for some but for many people that is not the reality. 

The reality for us is that everyday is something that can be a pitfall. It was National Donut Day, then it’ll a BBQ, or cookies delivered to the office. It could even be the lure of a quick and easy drive-thru shake or the call of a cookie in a convenience store. 

Despite all of the food signs and signals all around us, we are tasked with maintaining our focus, staying diligent, and letting these food craving – which are rooted in emotion NOT physical hunger – pass. And we strive to do that without freaking out on the 100th person trying to get us to eat a free donut!

If you’re a person like me and you managed to survive National Donut (Anxiety) Day I congratulate you. I know just how hard it can be! 


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