I don’t normally do reviews like this but I thought this was a worthy exception. 

I’ve been seeing ads for ThirdLove bras on my Facebook and Instagram for a long time. The ads always focus on the most troubling aspects of wearing a bra. Bras are uncomfortable, the straps either slip or dig, and they’re generally a problem. I would have to agree.

After weight loss your body goes through significant changes. I anticipated extra skin but never thought of how it would affect the way my bras fit. It seemed like no bra could comfortably address the coverage I needed especially around the sides.

When I finally clicked on the link on Facebook it was because it featured a Try Before You Buy sale. Pay only $2.99 for shipping and you can try a bra for 30 days. I was game. From that first click the experience was different. They didn’t just show me a bunch of bras to choose from, they asked a bunch of questions.

Tell us about your breasts?

  • What shape? Look at these diagrams!
  • Full or thin?
  • Close together or farther apart?
  • Differing cup sizes?

What are your biggest fit issues?

  • Spillage over cups?
  • Underwire poking out?
  • Straps slipping?
  • Straps digging?
  • Side coverage?

Side coverage was listed?? Whoa! Ok. I’m in. I continue the exam and it says: Regina try this bra! It was a bra that has full coverage, underwire support, wide side straps, and memory foam. MEMORY FOAM!

I took the recommendation and couldn’t wait for the bra to arrive. Paying only $2.99 I thought it would be weeks. I ordered it on Thursday and it was at my door yesterday after a holiday weekend!

As soon as it came in I couldn’t wait to try it. It was packaged beautifully but not wastefully or frivolously.

The bra itself was beautiful and soft. I loved the padding with memory foam around the hook area because that was always a place where I had discomfort. The side panels were wide but somehow both thin and strong.

When I put it on I knew that ThirdLove will now take all of my money for the rest of my life. The coverage, fit, side support, and look of this bra is extraordinary. The comfort was even better. The memory foam straps were so comfortable and I felt supported but like I was hardly wearing anything at all.

I know what you want to know… how much is this magic bra? The price for the style I chose was $68.00. Depending on your budget that can be reasonable or priced your what you can afford. Personally, I’ve spent a lot more and received a lot less than this. When you buy quality items you don’t have to buy them as often. Can you get a bra at your local discount store for $12? Yes. Will it last you nearly as long as a higher quality bra? No. I say buy higher quality less often. Trust me, it saves in the long run.

Overall, the entire buying process was smooth and efficient. The bra the computer selected for me based on my answers to the questions was perfect and ThirdLove totally delivered on quality, style, and most of all performance.

Have you tried Third Love?

Will you?

DISCLAIMER: No, I don’t know anyone at ThirdLove, they did not pay me for this review but they should seriously consider it!

UPDATE: I ordered this bra in May and reviewed it right away. Now that it’s been nearly 3 months I have an update. This bra is still the most amazing, perfectly fitting, comfortable bra I have ever had the pleasure to own. One of my orignal concerns would be how it stands up over time especially with washings. WOW! Still the most amazing bra. Looks as good as it did the day I got it and I wear and wash the heck out of it. I stand by my orginal comments of ThirdLove taking all of my money forever. 

Did you try it?

What did you think of it?


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  1. I wish my experience went like this. Ordering was great and I too was excited when it arrived. Unfortunately it didn’t fit right. I’ve never had this happen before but the straps were too short. And I’m not a tall person. If I hunched over it fit but I could not stand up straight. The customer service were very nice and they allowed me to return it. I see the ads and good reviews so I’ve thought of giving them another chance in the hopes that this was a fluke occurance. That maybe I got the one that wasn’t made right or some such.

      • It went the same. The customer service is wonderful. I apparently just don’t have the physique these bras are designed for. About 20 plus years ago I did. It is so much more difficult to find bras that are comfortable and fit as one ages. And sorry it took me such a long time to comment.

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