Here’s a quick recipe I threw together tonight in a rush. I was pleasantly surprised by […]
My favorite season is autumn. Living in New England we are blessed with perfect fall weather. […]
“What are your favorite foods? “How do you meal prep?” “What about my family?” “Can you […]
Here’s a fun, fast recipe that I posted on my Facebook and Instagram pages the other […]
People always think that bariatric surgery or any weight loss comes with a healthy dose of […]
Today I participated in a Cook Off that had an appetizer category. I wanted to make […]
Today is my Dad’s 77th Birthday so I thought I’d take this opportunity – since this […]
I used to eat very mindlessly. I ate a lot of junk so the taste was […]
I was never much of a cook. My lack of cooking is almost legendary. My husband is my perfect match because he loves cooking and grocery shopping which are two things I could live without. One of the things that really had to change when I had my RNY surgery was I had to learn how to cook. After much trial and error, I started to learn about seasonings and food combinations and really getting into the calorie counts. It started to become challenging in a good way and even a little bit fun. Many people have asked me about my recipes since I can be a bit of a post-a-holic on Facebook and Instagram.