Cherry Rhubarb Cups and Popsicles

People always think that bariatric surgery or any weight loss comes with a healthy dose of deprivation. I’ve heard many people tell me they could NEVER live without chocolate, ice cream, or any other loving comfort food around. The way I’ve countered this is to invite people into my world and show them that there is flavor and satisfaction in healthy eating. Food that not only tastes good but makes you FEEL good after.

Here’s an original from my own test kitchen. As with most bariatric friendly desserts PORTION SIZE is everything. Be sure that you are far enough in your journey to have this occasional treat which is also excellent to take to a summer party!


Cherry Rhubarb Mousse Cups (& Popsicles)

5 Stalks Fresh Rhubarb
2 Cups Frozen Cherries
2 Tbls Water
1 Cup Fat Free Cool Whip
1 Package San Sucre Fat Free Cheesecake Mousse Mix
3 Packages IKEA Krustader Cups

Wash and dice rhubarb
Add to medium saucepan
Add frozen cherries
Add water
Set on medium low heat for 20 min until rhubarb is completely soft
Let cool for 5 minutes
Fold in Cool Whip
Add one pack of San Sucre Cheesecake Mousse Mix
Hand blend until completely smooth
Transfer to container and chill for 20 min
Open IKEA dessert cups
Pipe mixture into cups
Serve immediately
Yields about 75 mini cups
Approx 45 calories for a 3 cup serving

Take chilled mixture and place into popsicle molds and freeze overnight.



Author: Regina Bartlett

Regina Bartlett is a blogger and speaker from the gorgeous Rhode Island coastline where she spends her days with her amazing husband Jeff and their combined family of six adult children and two very tiny adorable chihuahuas. She’s active in her church, sings on the praise team, and is amazed every single day at how God has totally changed her life. Formerly 425 lbs she’s battled her weight for 30 years until RNY Gastric Bypass surgery in December 2014 where she lost 250 lbs and gained a new lease on life. She wants to share with anyone who thinks that they MIGHT be interested in surgery and knowing the real truth behind the surgery since there are a lot of misconceptions and fears. Deciding that she needed a challenge to continue with her weight maintenance she decided to embark on running the NYC Marathon in 2016 on Fred’s Team for Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center. Like so many people, her life has been touched by people affected by cancer. Discovering that her friend of over 25 years was diagnosed with breast cancer she had even more inspiration to run. On November 6, 2016, she completed the grueling 26.2 miles through all five boroughs of New York City and realized her 20 year dream of completing the largest marathon in the world. This blog will travel with Regina as she laces up her shoes and continues to challenge herself while sharing stories of her life and the people who have been an influence on her over the years. You’ll find stories, recipes, crafts, photographs of the wonder that is Little Rhody and countless photos of her tiny pups Sid Vicious and Taxi Fitzgerald. TL;DR: Wife, mother, writer, avid crafter, lover of Jesus and tiny dogs everywhere with a story to tell. FOR BOOKING INFORMATION please use the contact form below or email Thank you!

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