So often we focus on these things we hate about our bodies. We get bombarded with commercials and celebrity images that show us the ideal and then we freak out because we aren’t close to those images at all. 

Rationally, we know that those images are courtesy of professional stylists, unlimited budgets, and and a huge help from Photoshop. However, we can’t help but play comparison and walk away feeling defeated for a fight we were never going to win. Sometimes this defeat motivates us to do something about our bodies. However, when we approach altering our bodies from a place of hatred we lose. 

I was always motivated from a place of hate. Forever trying to lose weight because I hated my body. Sitting in a sauna because I hated my belly fat. Always driven to change something I hated. Always not getting immediate results. Always quitting. 

What changed? My perspective. 

When I first heard this quote something moved in me. I thought of stepping on the scale at 14 years old and just wishing I weighed the same as the other cheerleaders. Walking past a storefront window and hating my reflection. Wishing that one day I could wear a sleeveless shirt without feeling disgusting. 

After reading that quote, I thought of these incredible things my body has done. Even at 400lbs I was able to walk. I finished the Hyannis Half Marathon in 2008 at 330lbs. I had contempt for arms that have hugged my children and cursed the same belly that carried those babies into the world. How dare I hate any part of this body? Here I was living life – which in itself is a gift – and complaining. 

I had to approach my body from a place of love. When I started to see my body with eyes of respect it became much easier to make necessary health changes. Instead of feeling like I was denying myself by not eating junk food and doing exercise as a punishment, I was eating better and moving my body because I wanted to treat my body better. This made a world of difference. 

Look at your body. Really focus on those “trouble areas” and look at them from a place of love. Your body is a beautiful and amazing gift right now just as you are! Find the blessings of your body and – trust me – it will be so much easier to accomplish your goals. 


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