Sometimes the hardest thing to do is to start especially when it comes to changing your habits and lifestyle. I was very sedentary for a long time and just the thought of moving around – for fun – seemed crazy when I was struggling to move out of necessity. 

What do you do? Start where you are. For me, that was usually in front of the TV. I could watch hours of television a day and only making trips to the fridge or the bathroom. Even when I was working I was at a desk for most of the day. My resting heart rate was 115! 

The further I went in the weight loss surgery process it became apparent that I was going to be required to move my body. I’m no stranger to movement. I finished the Hyannis Half Marathon in 2008, weighing 330lbs. I was dead last and nearly dead but I did it. Fast forward 6 years and another 100 pounds with really challenging knees and I was at a loss for movement. 

I started to earn my tv watching. Normally, I watch everything on my DVR or on demand where I can eliminate most commercials. I decided to stop that and if I wanted to watch a program I had to stand up and step side to side while the show was on. When a commercial came on I could sit down and drink some water but as soon as the show returned I got back up and moved side to side. 

As time went in I added some arm circles and then graduated to increasing my pace. It didn’t take long for me to notice a difference. I could go longer with more ease. I started to take less breaks. I started to enjoy it. I liked that I didn’t have to leave the house or worry about people watching me or laughing at me. 

When the weather shifted I started walking in my backyard and finally graduated to walking around my neighborhood. We live close to the ocean so I started setting distance goals. Get to Green Hill Pond .25 miles, get to Town Beach .75 miles, get to the Breachway 1.5 miles. 

Then I started a Couch 2 5K Program and before I knew it I was jogging then running. It all started with earning my television and staying with it. 


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