It’s January and Food, Sweat, & Fears  is finalizing production and getting ready to be shipped. When the first design draft came from the printer there was an issue with the cover quality. The cover photo was taken quickly on my phone just after dawn in Berea, New Hampshire on a retreat and the quality isn’t the greatest since I asked my friend Julie to snap a quick picture on a foggy morning. I knew when I submitted the design that there could be an issue but I just love the picture and it really symbolized the victory of slaying a thirty year dragon like my weight. It was worth it to me to try to keep it. Alas, the printers have spoken,  and the quality presents a really grainy cover.

I have changed the cover using a more graphic format that still showcases what I’m trying to convey. Now that this design has been completed and deemed suitable for printing the pre-orders will begin shipping in the next two weeks. After that the book will be placed on Amazon for the full price of $16.99.

If you haven’t ordered yet and would like to you can still get the book for $14.99 for local pick up and $19.99 if you need it shipped. There are still a few signed pre-orders remaining so if you were looking for a signed copy you haven’t missed the boat.

Here’s the new cover and I’m pleased that the victory picture will be on the back (much smaller but still there)!

Food Sweat and Fears - Cover Design Front

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