I first walked into East Coast Karate two years ago on a whim when a friend […]
I’m definitely a perfectionist. I like things done. Right. The first time. I like doing things […]
Five years ago Jeff and I bought new furniture for our offices from IKEA. I love […]
Trust. It’s one phenomenon that takes so much time to gain and only seconds to lose. […]
Remember the old joke about a man lost in New York City? He asks a New […]
I’ve blogged for over a decade on various platforms so sharing parts of my life or […]
Before I begin, I just want to explain why I haven’t posted so frequently as of […]
The day I wrote my last post I had to immediately "put my money where my mouth is!" I pressed the send button waxing poetic about finally feeling comfortable in discomfort and was greeted by the opportunity to put that to the test at the door of the dojo!
As humans I think we all love a good Comfort Zone. That wonderful place that fits […]
Sometimes things sit in my mind and I can’t let them go easily. Something happened the […]