It’s been a little while since I’ve posted. I’ve been thinking of the best way to […]
Being seriously overweight for so long I learned the art of pictures. 1. Take the pictures! […]
The other day my friend Jaime placed a photo on my Facebook wall and after a […]
I was always an all or nothing kind of girl. I’ll give you 200% or nothing […]
Somedays I feel like I'll always live between two worlds with people. There are the people who knew me when I was heavy (or most of my life) and those that know me now. Those that knew me all those years are stunned to see me now and sometimes it takes them a moment to even recognize me.
I used to eat very mindlessly. I ate a lot of junk so the taste was […]
I’ve been very open about my weigh loss journey and my decision to have RNY Gastric […]
I wrote in a previous post about my weight but I didn't share any "before" pictures. I think the concept of "before" leads to an inevitable "after" but there really is no after in weight loss. It's lifelong process. There will never be an "after" for me because I will always have a love of food. It's something that I have to manage and it can be tough.
Regina - 4th Grade
The best place to start is the beginning. I started gaining weight in the sixth grade. I noticed it but I didn't think much of it until I had to go for my physical for school. I got on the scale and it said 148lbs. The nurse scrawled something on my chart and gave it to me to bring to the exam room for the doctor. She wrote "Grossly Overweight." Not just overweight, not just chubby, but Grossly Overweight. I was so embarrassed and for the first time I realized that my weight was something that people noticed.