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What Do You Need?

I field literally hundreds of questions each week in private messages between this blog, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and YouTube. Weight is such a personal issue that most people don’t like to put all their issues with weight out to the public and I understand that completely. For years I felt like Sisyphus rolling the burden […]

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Third Love: Review – UPDATED

Click HERE TO SHOP THIRDLOVE I don’t normally do reviews like this but I thought this was a worthy exception.  I’ve been seeing ads for ThirdLove bras on my Facebook and Instagram for a long time. The ads always focus on the most troubling aspects of wearing a bra. Bras are uncomfortable, the straps either […]

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Stop Food Substitutions

Thirty years. That’s how long I struggled with my weight and truth be told it will be a fight forever. People never want to hear that. They want the fantasy of effortless weight loss followed by blissful lifelong maintenance. I know the fantasy well. I banked on it happening since I was twelve. Maintaining weight […]

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