I field literally hundreds of questions each week in private messages between this blog, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and YouTube. Weight is such a personal issue that most people don’t like to put all their issues with weight out to the public and I understand that completely.

For years I felt like Sisyphus rolling the burden of my weight like a boulder up a hill only to have it crash back to the bottom and then push it back up. Instead of having that laborious task for all eternity I had it for 30 years which was seriously long enough. No matter how you choose to embark on your wellness course the commitment is the same. Although I elected for surgery the post surgical maintenance is just as rigid as any other program. You’ll have to watch what you eat, stay hydrated, and move your body in order to lose and maintain weight loss.

I’m working on several projects and I’d like to request your help. If you could complete the anonymous poll indicating what you need most to be successful on your weight loss/wellness journey. There’s also a contact form at the bottom if you’d like to indicate where you are in your journey and if you need any support. I’d ultimately like a small group of people to road test my project. If you’re interested please complete the contact form. Your information will be kept completely private and will never be used or sold to any other company or entity. I’d really appreciate your help.

Where are you with your wellness goals?(required)


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