Men have a distinct fashion advantage when it comes to clothing sizes. Pants are normally sized by waist and inseam in inches and that’s pretty clear. If you have a 36″ waist and a 30″ inseam you know those pants will fit. Women’s sizes are so arbitrary. Some places I’m a 14, others a 12, and there’s no clear rationale to the sizing. Why can’t it be as simple as inches? No guessing games, no deciphering sizing charts, no drama!

Another issue is the psychological trauma of One Size Fits All. When you’ve always fit in something One Size Fits All you probably think “psychological trauma” is a harsh or dramatic term. If you’ve spent hours looking for something slightly decent to wear, finally stumble upon something that’s One Size Fits All and discover you are NOT a part of the ALL you’ll know that “psychological trauma” is quite accurate. 

What surprises me in 2017, and all the body positivity and inclusion that we are starting to see in magazines and on television there’s still a little trauma out there in a rather unlikely place: legging companies. 

I love leggings. As rarely as I wear them out of the house I’m always in them at home. I’ve supported many LuLaRoe small business consultants and I’m happy to do so but there’s an issue with the sizing. For adult leggings they have two sizes: One Size and Tall & Curvy. See that? I’ve often been the woman not fitting a One Size and if you have more than one size then why are they calling them One Size? 

LuLaRoe is really good at using various sized models in their ads and product lines so I’m surprised they took this step. They clearly state that One Size leggings are for up to size 12 and T&C are for up to size 22 and tall women. Couldn’t they call it something else that won’t make a person feel like they don’t belong?

If it was just LuLaRoe it would be one thing but I’ve seen this same sizing model in the other leggings/women’s shop at home pop up businesses like Honey & Lace, Legging  Army, and LaLa Leggings. Again, I love women who are stepping out and earning their living and I will always support local businesses but has anyone questioned this?

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