Have you ever heard a quote that instantly made you pause? Something that strikes right into the heart of who you are or what you believe? My friend is a yoga instructor at our YMCA and she’s implementing a series of quotes on self acceptance into her classes this session. She provided me the quotes she was going to use. I read down the list and they were all wonderful but one really stopped me from reading on. I was almost forced to consider its meaning. I love that.

“No amount of self improvement can make up for any lack of self acceptance.” Robert Holden

Whoa! Pump the brakes! I was transported to the very origins of my weight and body image issues. In a flash, I was back to battling with my body, how much I hated it, and how badly I wanted it to change.  I never maintained any long-term success.  I remember losing a lot of weight and not being happy because it was never enough. Then the frustration would set in and I’d find myself back where I was or worse.

What was missing in all of this – which was the soul of my TEDx Talk – was acceptance. I needed to love and appreciate my body just as it was. I had to find value where I didn’t see it before. My body always had value, even if I never noticed it, including my Jiggly Arms!

That self acceptance clears the path to self improvement. You can want to improve yourself by getting in better shape, being more active, or whatever but until you have genuine gratitude for who you are as you are you’ll be spinning the spiral of “never good enough.”

Love yourself today because (drum roll)

“No amount of self improvement will make up for any lack of self acceptance.”

Another reason this speaks so clearly is that I’m working on a program based on my experiences with food and body issues. I did a soft launch with a few people a few months ago and saw that it needed some restructuring before a full launch. Ultimately, I needed more time to put it together and run it effectively. Here’s one of the days of the original program:

When you love something isn’t it easier to take care of it? You are the same way! Your body is the same way! Self love seems simple for some but for people with long-standing issues with their body the concept is almost revolutionary.

What part of your body do you struggle with loving?

Can you accept it right now?

Can you thank it for something it’s done? Try it.

If you’re interested in being a part of the Compass Course launch let me know by filling out the form below.

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