People always think that bariatric surgery or any weight loss comes with a healthy dose of […]
Karate is definitely a skill that is only honed over time. You may be a natural […]
After every diet program in my past  I would always keep my “fat clothes.” It became […]
On nearly every highway and even on some town roads you’ll see the distinctive grooves near […]
I did something today that surprised me and made think of success. Jeff and I are […]
Finishing the 2016 NYC Marathon was one of the greatest accomplishments of my life and truly […]
People are always surprised when they hear that I’m an introvert… of the highest order. I […]
I’ve been waking up around one in the morning the past few nights. I wake up […]
I love the R.S. Grey quote from the book Scoring Wilder: She believed she could, so […]
I read something the other day that I absolutely loved.  Absolutely! People often think that after […]