Since March it seems like everywhere I looked there was a ton of posts referencing Summer […]
Sometimes things sit in my mind and I can’t let them go easily. Something happened the […]
I field literally hundreds of questions each week in private messages between this blog, Facebook, Twitter, […]
My last post was about National Donut Day and the many anxieties that can crop up […]
June 2, 2017. Many people woke with a pep in their step and a joy in […]
Click HERE TO SHOP THIRDLOVE I don’t normally do reviews like this but I thought this […]
People always think that bariatric surgery or any weight loss comes with a healthy dose of […]
After every diet program in my past  I would always keep my “fat clothes.” It became […]
On nearly every highway and even on some town roads you’ll see the distinctive grooves near […]
I did something today that surprised me and made think of success. Jeff and I are […]